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Form and Function

The Form and Function project is based on modifying an existing bridge by applying different movement analogies to it, in order to make a 30'x 40' opening for boats to pass by. Using different creative design process we aim to make a trans formative, functioning, and creative new project.

Bridge Prototypes

Truss Style Bridge

Arch Style Bridge

Cable Stay Style Bridge

Movement Analogies

Conceptual combinations table (3X3)

Shows how i could incorporate 3 different movement analogies into 3 types of bridges.

Preliminary Designs

Out of the 18 different designs I made in the 3x3 diagrams i chose the 3 that I believed had the most potential to continue working on.

Preliminary design 1: Cable Stay

Preliminary design 2: Truss Bridge

Preliminary design 3: Arch Bridge

3D Bridge Project Views 

3D Mechanism Views

Final Design-


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